Art: Beth MacCrindle

Mrs. MacCrindle has been teaching art at The Syracuse Hebrew Day School for five years. She went to Hillel Day School in Rochester, and finds SHDS very familiar and welcoming.  She graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in art education and then received an MS in elementary education at Russell Sage College.  She has been teaching art for over 14 years.  Mrs. MacCrindle believes that effort and understanding how to use art materials are as important as the projects that are created. She loves the impact that teaching art has on children, believing that nothing is more exciting than seeing a student smile, or knowing that what she teaches is used in so many different situations.

Music: Jim Kerr-Whitt

Mr. Kerr-Whitt loves turning kids on to music’s “joyful noise,” and helping them discover and develop their talent.  He believes that music is a wonderful vehicle for personal growth, appreciation of Judaism, enthusiasm about human enterprise and life itself! He has been teaching at SHDS for over 10 years. A graduate of Alderson-Broaddus College in West Virginia, he holds a master’s degree in Theology and Philosophy from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado.   In some of his other lives, he is the lead singer in a 1960’s/1970’s Rock Band, “The Baby Boomers.” He climbs mountains and is an Adirondack 46’r. Mr. Kerr-Whitt loves watching the children “become themselves” during their Day School passage, and finds it tremendously gratifying that he is priveleged to play a part in it.

Physical Education: Becky Donohue

Technology: Stacy Seidman

Mrs. Seidman loves the SHDS family atmosphere so much..  With her son enrolled at SHDS and her daughter joining the Kindergarten in the fall, Mrs. Seidman plans on being a part of the SHDS community for many years.  Mrs. Seidman has had a love for teaching ever since she was young.  She has a BS in elementary educations with a minor in Computer Science, a MS Ed in Reading, and over seven years of teaching experience in the elementary grades.  Mrs. Seidman believes that the children are the future and that preparing them for whatever the world has in store for them is essential.  She believes that SHDS has the right atmosphere to help children soar to their greatest potential and be ready for the  challenges of the future.