1st Grade – Kita Alef

In Kita Alef, our first grade Judaic Studies class, we will all be working hard to help our students develop an even stronger sense of Jewish identity.

The students will:


  • Learn how to read, write, and comprehend rudimentary Hebrew.
  • Explore the stories and music of Jewish holidays.
  • Develop their understanding of our Jewish community as a place where we all work, pray, learn, and play together, celebrating each other’s accomplishments and supporting each other through challenges.
  • Become familiar with a siddur and learn how and why we pray.


To help us meet these goals, we use an excellent program called Tal Am, which is based on the way children think and acquire knowledge, especially of a second language. We are immersing the students in Hebrew. In class, therefore, students are evaluated based upon their performance and their understanding of the material presented through this immersion program. This is a mastery approach.


This year will be an especially gratifying one for your child. You will see the results of your children’s work at Kabbalat HaSiddur in May. Thank you for partnering with us in helping your children learn with joy and excitement.


Dinim u Minhagim/Laws and Customs
Each major holiday is studied.  Customs and related songs are learned.



Parshat HaShavuah and Bible Stories