2nd Grade – Kita Bet

Welcome to Kita Bet, our second grade Hebrew class. This year, we will be working to help our students develop a strong sense of Jewish identity. Our class is organized around several goals.

Our students this year will:

  • Develop into confident readers and writers of Hebrew.
  • Increase their Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.
  • Celebrate Jewish holidays.
  • Learn Jewish prayers and customs, take turns leading our class services.
  • Study Torah stories.

We will work toward these goals as we continue our work with the Tal Am program.

Homework in Kita Bet is either reading or writing practice. Students are required to read a passage for 10 minutes each night, or complete worksheets. Reading homework is assigned Monday and due on Friday.Writing homework is assigned each day and is due the next day. If a reading assignment has been sent home, no other homework will be given that week. Students should complete their homework independently.

This year of growth in a foreign language promises to be an especially gratifying one for you and your child.


Dinim u Minhagim/Laws and Customs

Customs of each major holiday and Shabbat are studied through related songs  and projects.  In addition, the following are covered:
Kiddush and Havdallah blessings
Mitzvah of Talmud Torah
All food-related brachot

In the first part of the year B’reshit (Creation) is studied in biblical Hebrew.  Toward the second part of the year, students are introduced to Biblical Hebrew through the study of Noach.  Materials for independent study are used, prepared by the teacher.