3rd Grade – Kita Gimel

Students study Lech lecha and V’yera from a Hebrew Chumash.  The aim of this course is to give to the students the proper skills and tools needed to be able to translate and comprehend Biblical texts.  There is one test per month.  In addition, there are weekly quizzes on 10 vocabulary words every Wednesday.  All vocabulary homework is due on Monday, with both the Hebrew and English words written two times each.  In addition, the vocabulary sheets must always be brought back to school in that they will be part of a dictionary needed for class work and translation assignments.

The holidays of the year, Shabbat and the makeup of the Jewish Calendar will
be studied in depth to give a deeper appreciation of each holiday and its rich
meaningful observance.  There will be approximately one test per month.

Jewish Values:
Though Jewish values have always been part of the curriculum,  this year we will be devoting a full subject to this important aspect in the lives and formative years of our children.

Until February all tests (excluding vocabulary) are open book tests.  All  tests are based upon notes taken in class.  If a child is absent, he/she can copy the notes from a classmate.

Timely completion of all homework assignments is crucial!  Homework  assignments are averaged into report card grades.  For every  incomplete homework 1 point is deducted from the final grade.


Grade 3 Hebrew Curriculum Outline:

We continue with the Tal Am program started in Kita Bet, as well as other series of books which enrich vocabulary and encourage oral expression.


An assignment is given every other Thursday and is reviewed daily in class. Vocabulary list, verb and dictation sentences are taken from the material covered in class.


Students are tested every other Thursday.  Tests include:

  • A verb (tested orally)
  • Vocabulary list
  • Dictation

Please sign and return all tests!


Spending 30 minutes each week listening to your child read Hebrew is very beneficial to fluency in Hebrew reading. Do not ask for a translation. It is strictly an exercise to improve or maintain fluency. You may want to use a Siddur, material borrowed from our class or any other book.  Also, spending a few minutes each night reviewing for tests will help ensure success.  There is no additional homework unless work was not completed in class or the student was absent.  (If do not know Hebrew, please ask me to share some ideas with you.)