6th Grade – Kita Vav

Students study the second half of the Book of Shmot. There is one test per month.  In addition, there are weekly quizzes on 10 vocabulary words every Monday.  All vocabulary homework is due on Wednesday, with both the Hebrew and English words written two times each.  In addition, the vocabulary sheets must always be brought back to school in that they will be part of a dictionary needed for class work and translation assignments.

This year the students study from a primary text known as the Talmud. This contains the thoughts and ideas of Rabbinical thought going back 2500 years.  There will be homework assignments on a regular basis.

Jewish Values:
Again this year, we will be devoting a full subject to this important aspect in the lives and formative years of our children.

Timely completion of all homework assignments is crucial!  Homework assignments are averaged into report grade.  For every incomplete homework, 1 point is deducted from the final grade.