Recently I listed everything I could think of that makes SHDS so extraordinary – teacher love and dedication, small classes, community values emphasizing inclusiveness and civility, the serious planning that encourages each child to feel at ease while ‘on stage’ speaking before an audience, the feeling of being a valued member of a community.  All of these have contributed to the development of our daughter, immeasurably so.  Her critical thinking skills have been developed both in general subjects and Hebrew class, especially with the commentaries.  We very much appreciate all that SHDs stands for and does.”

~Dr. M.

“We would like to express our extreme gratitude to everyone at the SHDS.  We found the school warm and welcoming from the moment we stepped foot on the property.  Mrs. Kassel allowed shadowing on very short notice. Dr. Davis answered all of our questions and took extra time to listen to our concerns.  Mrs. Hull instructs with tolerance and patience, giving our daughter extra attention when she doesn’t understand assignments.  Rabbi Shore tries his best to teach her lasting values.  Mrs. McCombie not only fixes scratches and bug bites, she sews on dress buttons and sutures boo boos on stuffed animals.  Mrs. Spicer has fulfilled an ever-widening job description by answering numerous phone calls regarding missing notebooks, smelly boiled eggs, and lost pets.  It is nice to know the mission statement of a school, but it is amazing to have a school that fully practices that statement:  ‘Our philosophy of education endeavors to nurture the uniqueness and individuality of each child and thereby to help all children reach full potential.’  SHDS really does educate ‘the whole child, mind, heart and soul.’  Once again, thanks to everyone at SHDS, and forgive us for not mentioning everyone by name.”

~Dr. & Mrs. S


“SHDS is the best thing about Central New York!”

~ Professor K.


The SHDS family is truly remarkable.  I cannot thank you enough for all that the school has given my family – the amazing education, the love and support.”

~ Mrs. N.


I just wanted you to know that my son was home recently and, out of the blue, he said to us:  ‘ Of all my years of school, from elementary school to middle school to high school, to college and to graduate school, the school that has the most impact on who I am today was the Syracuse Hebrew Day School.’ “

~Dr. A.