5655 Thompson Rd. DeWitt, NY 13214


Nurture innovative minds and compassionate hearts through academic excellence and Jewish values.


Empower students to lead lives of significance and transform our world.


Kindness – chesed – חֶסֶד

Community – kehilla – קְהִלָּה

Learning – limmud – לִמּוּד

Repair the World – tikkun olam – תִּיקוּן עוֹלָם

The Syracuse Hebrew Day School is a joyful and warm learning environment with a close-knit, collaborative, and diverse community. Our students benefit from a rigorous dual-curricular program that also teaches decision-making and social responsibility. In addition to our regular curricula, students learn art, physical education, library, technology, general music, and take individual instrumental music lessons.

Our gem of a school is truly unparalleled in Central New York.

The SHDS Student

The SHDS Student is taught to think deeply, ask meaningful questions, and respectfully challenge the status quo. We do this by offering and individualized, developmentally appropriate education with small class sizes that allow our teachers the opportunity to be creative and flexible in their pedagogy. Character development is woven into the culture of the Syracuse Hebrew Day School. Our collective set of values enhances the daily experience of our students and faculty while instilling a deep sense of compassion for each other and the community. 

Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Learning

Every child deserves a learning experience that fits her or his specific needs. At the Syracuse Hebrew Day School, we prepare our students for academic achievement through individualized, child-centered education with a focus on experiential learning. We prepare our students for success in a way that is unique to any other school in our region. At SHDS, our students learn to read, write, and speak both English and Hebrew every day. 

Adaptable Learning Environments

The Syracuse Hebrew Day School utilizes innovative learning approaches and diagnostic testing that provide immediate feedback on each student’s progress and needs. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows our teachers to continually modify their instruction styles and make accommodations to offer enrichment or additional resources as needed. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]