Kindergarten – Gan

Kindergarten is an extraordinary time in a child’s life. Teachers and students alike look forward to welcoming and instilling a lifelong love of learning in our youngest students.

Small class sizes and seasoned teachers adapt to meet the developmental needs of each child. Whole-child development, with special emphasis on their happiness, self-esteem and good social skills, is our goal. Children work at their own pace. Those with advanced skills may work with first grade materials within the Kindergarten program.

Our highly individualized reading readiness program gives children a strong start in language arts and enhances the love of reading through its literature-based focus. Stories, poems and rhymes are woven through all our studies. Kindergarten literacy concentrates on letter recognition and sound development and encourages fine motor growth with its D’Nealian handwriting curriculum. Students practice writing skills by charting and bookmaking.

Kindergarten math covers shapes, patterns, number concepts and recognition to 30. Children are introduced to units of measurement, time and currency. These concepts are taught across our daily program in a variety of contexts to develop quantitative reasoning skills and vocabulary.

Our classroom math center provides the opportunity for each child to manipulate objects and engage in a multitude of guided activities, which reinforce the understanding of fundamental math concepts.

Science introduces children to the five senses, nutrition and health, the seasons, plants and animals. Mini units include studies of magnets, sinking and floating, and the perennial favorite, “Our Wonderful Dinosaur.”

In Social Studies we learn about the lives of important figures in American history from Lincoln to Martin Luther King. Community helpers, self-concept, our family and transportation units help us learn about the responsibility of citizenship and getting along with others.

Music plays a key role in Kindergarten, providing the class with rhythmic activities and appreciation of sound and expression in our daily lives. Art happens all day. Children develop confidence and comfort representing their ideas to the world through visual media.

Outdoor recess provides a bounty of inspiration. Seasonal delights on an expansive green campus, sledding in winter and a state of the art playground. [photo]

Afternoon Jewish Studies introduces Hebrew language skills, holiday observances, bible stories and a positive attitude toward Judaism.

Literature, dramatics, puppets and creative writing stimulate speaking, writing and good listening skills.

Our Kindergarten newspapers give a wealth of opportunities for oral expression on a multitude of topics.

Kindergarteners develop a repertoire of poems that they present at an annual poetry celebration.

Presentations throughout the year develop self-esteem and comfort in front of an audience.

Classroom computers are always available and stocked with premium math and reading software.